Hard Rock Cafe Bahrain

142 Old Exhibition Road
Hoora, Manama, Bahrain
Manama Al Manamah
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For thousands of years, the island of Bahrain has been a living museum in and of itself, acting as a preserve for its many ancient remains. More than 100,000 grave mounds mark the island's surface, in addition to the myriad ancient temples that were only very recently found hidden and protected below massive sand-drifts.

The antiquity and significance of Bahrain's rich archaeological heritage is obvious, thus marking Manama as the perfect place for us to add our own artifacts and historical timepieces—those of good old rock 'n' roll. Bahrainis aren't the only ones who care about preserving their past.

Drop by and toast the past, present and future upon this most hallowed ground—the Hard Rock Cafe Bahrain, where centuries, history, people, and flavor meld.