Diggers Bars and Club Bahrain

Delmon International Hotel,
Central Business District, Manama
view phone 17 224 000, 17862 888
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Party on down to live music at Diggers, the one and only authentic Aussie pub in Bahrain, keeping up with true Australian tradition to bring to you all major sporting events from a giant screen — live!

The mantle of Bahrain’s premier Aussie pub seems to have been snapped up by Diggers – though it soon becomes clear that this self-proclamation is as well founded as all of the Irish pubs claiming to be the home of all things emerald. The bar can apparently hold up to 500 people, yet with probably a third of that in attendance the place feels a little claustrophobic.
Rough around the edges sums it up best; the place serves some decent drinks, and at pretty reasonable prices to boot. But there’s a slightly unsavoury feel about Diggers.

The staff do their best to lift the venue, and are at all times friendly and efficient. But maybe it’s the sticky floor, the slightly intimidating atmosphere or the lack of anything genuinely Australian that make you feel like you could find somewhere better to spend your evening.