Big Deal Arabia Bahrain

Block 380, Gate 148, Villa 4, Nabisaleh Avenue
Nabisaleh Avenue, Al Manamah
view phone1771 7477
view fax 1730 5531
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As a consumer - Big Deal offers you the very best possible prices on all the things you love to shop for. We send the deal to thousands of subscribers and you get the power of numbers working for you!

As a business- Big Deal gives you guaranteed direct access to your customers every day - for FREE!

s a group buying website we will showcase your products and services. And we'll promote these on our website, through social media - Facebook page, Twitter, and by phone. The idea behind group buying is that a seller can afford to sell a large number of products at a lower price if it knows that enough people will buy.

How do you benefit?

- Guaranteed sales

- Fast turnover

- Faster revenue

- Improved cash flow

- Fewer inventory issues

- Communication channels are online and so additional communication costs are reduced

Partner now and get

- Thousands of new customers

- Real buyers, not just window shoppers

- A new demographic of customers

- Increased traffic to your website

- Efficient targeted marketing

- Bigger exposure, bigger word-of-mouth referrals