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Bahrain City Centre
Al Manamah
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The Bateel story starts in Al Ghat, a town in Central Arabia, favoured by nature with sweet water, rich soil and a climate ideal for date production. Here is where Bateel's premium dates were first nurtured and the idea of gourmet dates was born. The evolution to gourmet food production happened over the years, first by combining dates with gourmet chocolate, then by fusing dates with other delicacies, adding diverse deluxe treats and finally perfecting Bateel's integrated production assets and its network of luxurious boutiques and cafés.

Bateel has achieved a rare distinction: it has grown from a name associated with deluxe dates to a leading brand in the gourmet food market. With strong market presence in sixteen countries, Bateel's deluxe boutiques and elegant cafés adorn premium shopping destinations in major cities, stretching from London to Jakarta.