Ethiopian Restaurant in Bahrain

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Tango338 is a Ethiopian restaurant located in Adlia bahrain, Tango338 Ethiopian Restaurant Bahrain proudly brings the real taste of traditional Ethiopian food to Bahrain with the most welcoming atmosphere. we offer the finest Ethiopian dining in bahrain for you. Our dishes are characterized by variety of exotic imported spices that gives them unique Ethiopian taste. WOT, the main sauce of Tango's Cuisine, which comes in various forms, like beef, lamb, chicken and vegetables, confirms the wisdom and good taste of Ethiopian cooking.finest ethipian dining, drinks and service comes hand in hand at tango338 Ethiopian restaurant Bahrain.we serves matchless Ethiopian quality food and drinks ever available in Bahrain, The vegetarian dishes prepared with herbs and mild spices are exceptionally flavorful. So far Tango338 Ethiopian restaurant in Bahrain is the ideal Ethiopian lounge available in Bahrain. tango338 Ethiopian Restaurant is conscious of the connection between diet and health. At tango338 Ethiopian restaurant Bahrain, the savory dishes are made not only with a combination of several dried finely grounded spices but also, with highly experienced, skillful and generous hands of the Ethiopian chefs. At tango338 Bahrain, we serve food the traditional way, affordable price and generous portions. We thank you for visiting our cozy dining cuisine.